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Duff Thompson is a Canadian songwriter, musician and producer, whose songs are a swampy blend of folk, pop and garage rock. His debut album was released December 11th, 2020 on Mashed Potato Records.  It swiftly gained attention from, amongst others, NPR, American Songwriter and Atwood Magazine.


There is a level of craftsmanship demonstrated in Thompson's songwriting that is rarely come by, as is the special attention to arrangement he gives to these songs. Each track is its own living world, tied together by a distinctive overall aesthetic. Strings, clarinet and steel guitar accompany a Slim Whitman-esque lullaby followed by muddy, howling, live-to-tape garage rock. Meanwhile, extravagant pop ballads are contrasted by stripped-down guitar-and-story folk. Thompson's sincere, expressive and singular voice threads together an odyssey of an album that makes for a familiar, strange, moving and exciting debut.


In addition to his own project, he is co-founder Mashed Potato Records.

“at once rough and evocative, affecting and modern, gritty and perfectly classic.”

— American Songwriter


"Thompson is an enthralling singer and hearty lyricist with a timeless folk sound.

 Fans of everyone from Bob Dylan to Lord Huron or Big Thief will find something

to love in Haywire‘s eclectic tapestry. An effortlessly enchanting, organic, and honest listen".


 — Atwood Magazine


"..familiar without being overly lights a spark in the dark corners of your soul". 

-Indie Shuffle


“[Haywire] can somehow bring you so much closer to yourself, while remaining a

subjective truth unto itself.” Buck Meek, for Talkhouse


Photo Credit: Steph Green


Photo Credit: Steph Green

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